Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Members

Hi All,

This week we are welcoming Danica of Danica's Daily:

Hi all ~ I am Danica of Danica's Daily. I started my site in 2009 to share my daily adventures in cooking, traveling, eating, working out, just having fun and enjoying life. I have a passion for all things food, whether it is going out to eat or making my own healthy versions at home. My focus is on Eating Clean and enjoying the foods I eat. I love to run, bike, be active and do any type of exercise that does not seem like exercise. Since I am an avid recipe developer and someone who LOVES to eat, I have a slight kitchen gadget and cookbook addiction. My other addiction ~ The Food Network! Every time I watch Ellie, I end up making one of her delicious dishes! I can't wait to join in the fun and give myself a reason to buy more cookbooks :D

and Jennifer of take the day off:

Hi! I am Jennifer and I write the blog Take the Day Off . My blog covers my kitchen adventures and other lighthearted reflections as a newlywed who loves music, food and pop culture. I have been an Ellie K. fan since the beginning and often turn to her cookbooks for mealtime inspiration. I'm so glad that I found this group!

Welcome Danica & Jennifer!