Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tell All - Crab Cakes with Smarter Tartar Sauce

This is by far one of my favorite Ellie recipes. It is one of the first things I ever made of hers.

They come out great, I usually drizzle each of them with some olive oil before baking. I have never made the tartar sauce though. You could also make the dipping sauce from the Crispy Fish Fingers that we made a while back.

Hope everyone on the East coast is enjoying the snow. We got a ton of it in DC!!


  1. 'Twas good!! Had them tonight and I really enjoyed them. Pretty easy, too. Very happy that crab was on sale.

  2. I really feel bad because I haven't had the chance to make any Ellie recipes for almost a month!! EEEEkkk! I promise to get back on the band wagon. I'm hoping to make the crab cakes this week -- I love crab!