Thursday, September 29, 2011

CEinMB is getting an update.

It would be a shame for CEinMB to disappear.  There are just too many good recipes of Ellie's we want to make.  So we are revamping.

CEinMB is now a "Freedom of Choice" Cooking club.  You may choose any recipe of Ellie's you would like be it from one of her cookbooks  (she has 3 and one more coming in October) or from the internet.  Just cook, blog, and leave your link on Fridays.  There will be a place for it posted (hopefully) by Thursday evening. 

That's it.  No Stress!  No deciding if you like someone else's pick of the week.  It's your choice.  Period. 

So let's get cooking - again!!!


  1. Looking forward to see what everyone will be cooking, and I look forward to catching up on old recipes I didn't get to make the first time around!


  2. YAHOO!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I did not want to see it all disappear as I truly like cooking with you all...and we know how we all love Ellie's recipes! I will post on Fridays and leave my link on Fridays as well on the weeks I cook...hopefully most of them!!

  3. This week's post is up for's soup weather and this is an excellent soup! Roasted Tomato and Black Bean Soup

  4. I am excited you are taking this over and giving us the opportunity to,as a group, cook Ellie. It would be good to let her know. She is interested in us and would be happy about it, I think.

    As I mentioned, I am not available until November and can't wait. Thanks for everything.

    Oh, I ordered the new book which will be out this month. I can't wait to receive it.

    Would you change the name of my blog since that one is defunct.

    Make Chaya's Bizzy Bakes

    Thanks a million.