Friday, December 5, 2008

Choices, Choices, Choices

Since the month of December is hectic for so many of us....I would like to get the next few selections posted for people to be able to plan ahead. I need to know the selections for the week of December 25th (The Feast Within) and January 1st (Enjoying my Favorite Things). Since Christmas and New Years Day land on our posting days I am going to grant extensions like I did for Thanksgiving. More to follow on that later.

Could the ladies listed above please let me know your choices as soon as possible? Thanks!


  1. Hi I sent an email but I also thought I'd comment an dlet you know my choice is Triple Chocolate Cookies for a healthy holiday treat- they're on page 304 or TFYC.
    xo to all :)
    Gabi at The Feast Within

  2. Thanks again Gabi. I am certainly looking forward to making this one!