Sunday, March 22, 2009

More New Members

Hi All,

I am pleased to welcome 2 new members to the group:

Amanda of Oddball Oven Mitt

I am a stay at home wife and mother. I unschool three of my four children in sunny Florida. Florida has only been our home for eight months. Before seeking the warmth of Florida we lived in rural Vermont. Vermont is where I learned to love GOOD food and make it even on our tight budget. There is nothing that can rival real foods cooked from farm fresh eggs (we had our own chickens), wholesome milk, cheese and meat from cows who get outside to eat the grass, naturally raised (often organic) produce plucked from the Earth in my own garden or others. These days we live a more suburban lifestyle and I rely more on what I find on sale in my local ethnic markets and grocery stores. The stores here cater to the spanish speaking population in the area and that means plenty of fresh produce at great prices so cooking well is easy. My husband and I both battle with our weight so I need to add some lighter dishes to the menu and cooking Ellie style seems like a good way to do that as well as add some variety to the menu. Many times when I cook you will see that I put a frugal spin on the recipes I am cooking, that is a necessary evil and I hope that it inspires people

and Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen

I'm a displaced Texan living in Washington, DC while I get a masters in English Lit. I love it up here but I miss having people to cook for. This past summer I got hooked on reading food blogs and I finally decided that I wanted to have my own food blog. I've wanted to join the CEIMB group for a few months now but I was trying not to add another cookbook to my collection (which is rapidly outgrowing the very small amount of space that I have!). But, every week I read the CEIMB blogs and the food looks so tasty and healthy that I decided to join!

Welcome to both of you!


  1. Welcome, Jessica and Amanda! We're happy you'll be cooking with us!

  2. Welcome Jessica and Amanda! ;)

    Amanda...where in FL are you? I'm in the Orlando area...

  3. Welcome Jessica! I'm a DC native displaced in Arizona, so I'll mail you chiles if you mail me cherry blossoms:) If you didn't buy the book yet, 99% of the recipes are available on the website.

  4. And hi Amanda! I bet you miss your chickens, I love fresh eggs, and while I can find them every so often at the farmer's market, it must've been amazing to have your own hens!

  5. Hey welcome Amanda and Jessica. Thanks for joining us!

  6. Welcome Amanda and Jessica:
    Vermont is gorgeous but you can't beat the Florida sun.
    Jessica - don't you miss TX? I do.