Friday, March 13, 2009

Some New Stuff

Hi All:

Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions over the last few days.

We love Andrea's idea from You Eat Now to open up the recipe selection to anything that is on the Food Network website, in addition to the book. I have amended the rules to reflect that, so start trolling around If you choose a recipe that is not in the book, please provide the link to the recipe when you email me your pick.

We are also on board with Leslie's suggestion from Lethally Delicious for some shameless cross promotion for CEIMB. I am certainly not above shameless self promotion! Many of us are TWD bakers or Daring Bakers, or both, and I think that this group is a great counter balance to the recipes we make for those groups. Feel free (but in no way obligated) to make that known in some of your TWD or DB posts, or any of your posts for that matter. While I love that our group here is so small and close knit, I think having some new members would also be fun and good for everyone.

We are also working on some other ideas that we will let everyone know about as we develop them further.

See everyone soon for Greek Style Stuffed Peppers :)


  1. Wow, this sounds exciting!

    It would make more work for you, but it would be great if the list of upcoming recipes could include links to the recipes on the Food Network site (many of them are there). That makes it easy for us to preview them if we don't have our cookbook nearby).

  2. Oh, thank you for the links!! Great idea!

    Can't wait to cook up some peppers!