Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Members

Hi All,

This week we have a mysterious new member, Anonymous New York. She is a

New Yorker who has fallen off the food blog wagon, trying
to get back into healthy cooking at home instead of ordering out delicious Thai food or going out to eat!

Let's also welcome Jen of A Mid Life Culinary Adventure.

Hi I'm Jennifer. I'm a native of San Diego and I occasionally give tours of the city to visiting groups. Before that I took groups to Ireland and throughout the Western US. Since I've been off the road working a real 9-5 job I've been taking culinary classes at my local Jr College, and have been baking along with the group at TWD. Many of the bloggers I follow from there are here, and I've so enjoyed their posts and lusted after their creations, I decided to join this group. I'm looking forward to some healthy cooking to balance out the desserts!

We are happy to have you both!

I also want to take this opportunity to announce a small administrative decision that we have made. Since we seem to be adding new members on a weekly basis (which is awesome), I have been concerned about when we will be able to get back to the top of the list for recipe picking. I am so happy to see so many fellow bloggers joining our group and hope that new members continue to come. I also want to make sure that some of our older loyal members have a chance to pick another recipe.

So, I have decided that starting July 1st I will restart at the top of the blogroll. This allows for us to complete the blogroll as it stands today, including our 2 newest members. Any new members added after today will definitely get a chance to pick their recipe as we make our way down the blogroll again. I hope this is agreeable to everyone and I also hope that this will reinvigorate some of the older members interest in the group.


  1. Welcome new members! ;)

    Good idea...thanks!

  2. Welcome to the group, ladies!

  3. Hi, guys!! Looking forward to cooking along with you!

  4. Thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to be here!

  5. I think that sounds fun. Especially since I get to pick again. I didn't think that there would be any hope for that again.

    And welcome to both!!