Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tell All - Cripsy Fish Fingers

Crispy. Fish. Fingers.

How could this possibly be bad?

Some of the reviews on the Food Network site said they were a bit bland, so consider adding some extra spice and flavor to the flour and/or breadcrumbs.

I also think I am going to try to bake them on a raised baking rack in the oven. This idea came from our own Aggie's post last week about her air baked crispy chicken bites.


  1. If this turns out anywhere near as good as the "healthy" baked onion rings, I'm going to be smitten.

  2. These are on the menu for dinner tonight! And thanks for the shout out...I was just looking at Ellie's recipe to see if she "air baked" ... she didn't! If you all are air baking make sure to spray them with non stick spray or olive oil to get that browned crispy effect.

  3. I'm planning to cook these tonight if time permits!

  4. For those interested, here's a link to the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch's report on flounder:

    In summary, it has been overfished and they recommend Dover and English Sole as sustainable alternatives.

  5. Thanks for the link - I am planning to use some cod I've got in the freezer, but I appreciate that site for future use. Thanks, again.

    I am really looking forward to making this, but I will be late posting. I was rear ended twice yesterday within a matter of minutes, which has generally just messed up my week. I should have a post about it over the weekend though. Hope it turns out well for everyone - I'm looking forward to any suggestions that I might use to improve the recipe when I make it on Friday.

  6. Weirdly enough, I discovered yesterday when posting "Crispy Fish Fingers" that none of my "read more"s are working :>( ... I'm not sure what the problem is, I checked with my sister who tried to open from her computer and NONE of them from any of my blog postings will open. Meanwhile, you can see the entire blog by clicking on the title until i can figure out what is causing this problem. If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please let me know.