Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tell All & New Member

Hi All

So sorry I have been MIA recently - been busy.

This is a double post for the Tell All of the pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich and to welcome a new member.

First - our new member is Jen of What Jen's Cooking:

I started my cooking blog in April as way to record my memorable recipes. I love to cook, so I end up blogging at least twice a week. I also love food, so I love to read other food related blogs!

Welcome Jen!

I am also interested to hear how everyone is faring with the chicken sandwich. I actually made this and posted about it a while back. Here is my post about it. All you really need to know is that the sauce needs some doctoring - at the very least add some salt!

Since I am on vacation this week and since I have already made this yumminess I will probably not post about it again, but I will be around to read and comment on all your posts. Hey, I may even pencil in some time on my busy vacation schedule of shopping and sitting by the pool to do a best of ;)

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Welcome, Jen!

    Happy Vacation, Sara!

    I am planning to make the chicken on Tuesday, so I will keep the tips to doctor the sauce up a bit in mind. I'm pretty picky about my barbecue sauce so we'll see how this healthy version turns out :)

  2. Hi Jen!! Welcome!

    Any suggestions on a replacement for liquid smoke?

  3. I don't think you will find a good substitute for liquid smoke except real bbq smoke since the liquid smoke is a byproduct of the smoking process. You should be able to find a bottle in most grocery stores for a few dollars and it is great to use in many sauces.

  4. based on everyone's suggestions, i made several tweaks, and i LOVED how this came out. what a fantastic pick! I am going to be making my tweaked version of this BBQ sauce for years to come, for sure.