Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell All - Panzanella with Chicken Sausage

Really looking forward to making Panzanella for the first time, but I'll be posting late: forgot to buy Chicken Sausages at the market!! Let us know what you think of the Panzanella!


  1. I made it last night and we loved it. I hope you all will as well.

  2. The Panzanella was great! We enjoyed it a lot!

  3. I didn't make the panzanella because I'm still not completely sold on raw tomatoes, but I did participate by making the paella I missed a few weeks back. It was delicious!

    FYI: My site has moved to http://thenotsoskinnykitchen.com :)

  4. This was a super pick, Peggy. Great dish.

    Can someone email the recipe for July22nd? I couldn't find it on line and don't have the SE book. Thanks! applecrumbles1@yahoo.com