Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best of CEiMB - June 11, 2009

Double Chocolate Pudding Pie:
A creamy chocolaty pudding in a crisp graham cracker crust, with half the fat and calories. A wonderfully cool dessert for a warm Summer night.

This recipe can be found on page 280 of The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life by Ellie Krieger or it can be found here.


This week it was hard to pick the best pictures, there were so many to choose from. Apparently chocolate pudding pie loves the camera.

Best picture this week goes to one of our new members, Blair of Deliciously Golden. This really looks like a pie I want to dig into.


Runner up goes to our hostess for this recipe, Tessa of Handle the Heat. Her pie slice looks so creamy and delicious.


I had a few good laughs this week reading your posts.

Alyssa from Talley Family joked that

The filling is a little jigglie though and reminded me of an old woman waving her arms yelling "Bingo!!"...

Haha. That made me laugh out loud at my desk at work.

Andrea of You Eat Now relayed a story about her pudding photo shoot that many of us can probably relate to:

I was having so much fun that I lost track of time and my hubby stumbled into the kitchen around midnight to find me in a very intense pudding photo shoot. I don't know if he was fully conscious, but he mumbled something about the dang bloggetyblogblog and turned around and went back to sleep. I did notice this morning that one of the glasses chilling in the fridge is now empty. Breakfast pudding? I like it!

Nice job by everyone this week. Have a nice and relaxing weekend :)