Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tell All - Breakfast Cookies

These sound pretty interesting. I saw the episode where she makes these, and they did look good on TV. The reviews on the Food Network are good for the most part.

I read through some of them and this is what I gathered as far as substitutions:

1. You can use regular whole wheat flour for the pastry flour and ap flour
2. You can replace the bran flakes with more oats, some people used types of Kashi go lean cereals instead of the bran flakes
3. You can sub applesauce, pumpkin puree, or another flavor of baby food for carrots. I even read some reviewers used mango or pineapple or other baby food combinations
4. Some people used honey or agave instead of white sugar
5. Of course you can substitute any other dried fruit for raisins and you can use whatever nuts you have around

Leave your tips and thoughts on this recipe here.

Jessica at Johnston's Vin Blanc already made these and posted since she is on vacation. Check out her post for her rendition of these cookies.


  1. Thanks for posting these substitutions - I was not able to find pastry flour, let alone whole wheat pastry flour, at my regular grocery store, but now I'm glad to know I can just use the whole wheat flour I have in the pantry.

  2. These were delicious. Make sure you make them about the same size so they bake evenly. The flavor is great, but I found that the bran flakes don't break down as they bake, so you end up with flakes in the cookies.

  3. I plan to try Johnstone's Vin Blanc version of the recipe tonight since I don't have time to run to the store to get bran flakes and baby food..

    Plus I could resist the idea of having a 50 calorie cookie!


  4. I subbed chocolate chunks and cranberries. These are GREAT.

  5. i just made them and posted my blog entry. they are delicious!! i substituted honey for the refined sugar, applesauce for the baby food, and used all whole wheat flour. now i have to try not to eat them all...