Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Members

Hi All,

Let's welcome this week's 2 new members:

Heather of Mama Cooks

I'm a mama striving to raise a healthy and adventurous eater, all the while trying to get my super picky husband to try new things.

and Alyssa of Talley Family:

Hi Everyone! I'm super excited to become a member. I absolutely love to cook, but I want to eat healthy (and actually prefer it). I bought Ellie's cookbook last year sometime and have tried 10 or so recipes. Some of my favorites are the Turkey Meatloaf w/ Smashed Potatoes and the Stuffed Turkey Burgers. I also love the Apple Muffins (can't remember the exact name). I brought these to Easter brunch and everyone loved them. Aside from my love for food, LOL. I'm happily married to my husband (three years in August), just bought a house and started my first 'real job' out of college last Fall. Can't wait to join everyone on a quest to try Ellie's recipes.

Happy to have you cooking with us Heather and Alyssa!

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